Modulos prefabricados: prefabricated modules

Demountable industrial bays

The light-weight industrial bays of MÓDULOS ARCO adapt perfectly to any kind of use, from agricultural warehouses to big logistic areas, because their modularity permits industrial bays ranging from 10 to 22 metres in width and from 4 to 8 metres in height. They are delivered fully finished, ready for use in a short period Leer más

Portable cabins

The portable cabins of MÓDULOS ARCO with their strong construction, finishes and extensive range of models provides the ideal solution for rental companies.

Demountable containers

Ideal for use as small warehouses, in gardens to keep tools, in workshops for spare parts and small material, etc.  The demountable containers of ARCO SOLUCIONES & DISEÑOS are high quality products based on 0.80 mm thick galvanized plate. The welding points are executed based on a special joint system by pressure points that do Leer más

Prefabricated module kit

The export Kit modules of MÓDULOS ARCO has been developed to supply individual modules or modular constructions.  They can be quickly assembled at destination with the same characteristics of strength and versatility as the modules which are assembled at the factory. Our prefabricated modules in Kit meet the requirements requested by our customers, we adapt to Leer más